Conversion Factors, Material Properties and Physical Constants

As provided in engineering classes at MIT, compiled for easy reference.
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Conversion Factors

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This table gives conversion factors to convert various units to their SI equivalents. It will not be very useful for people who prefer to use cgs or English units although it can be used to convert from SI to those systems.

NameTo convert fromtomultiply bydivide by
Densitylb s^2/in^4kg/m^31.069E+079.357E-08
Energyft lbfJ1.35570.7376
Energykiloton TNTJ4.187E+122.388E-13
EnergykW hrJ3.600E+062.778E-07
Energymegaton TNTJ4.187E+152.388E-16
Heat capacityBTU/lbm FJ/kg C41882.388E-04
Heat transfer coefficientBTU/hr ft^2 FW/m^2 C5.67860.1761
LengthNautical milem18535.397E-04
Masslb s^2/inkg1200.005.711E-03
Mass flow ratelbm/hrkg/s1.260E-047937
Mass flow ratelbm/seckg/s0.45352.2050
Moment of inertiaft lb s^2kg m^21.35570.7376
Moment of inertiain lb s^2kg m^20.11308.8510
Moment of inertiaoz in s^2kg m^27.062E-03141.60
Powertons of refrigerationW35162.844E-04
Pressurein. mercuryPa33772.961E-04
Pressurein. waterPa248.824.019E-03
Pressuremicrons mercuryPa1.33320.7501
Pressuremm mercuryPa13337.501E-04
Pressurestd atmPa1.013E+059.869E-06
Specific heatBTU/lbm FJ/kg C41862.389E-04
Specific heatcal/g CJ/kg C41862.389E-04
Temperature F C0.55561.8000
Thermal conductivityBTU/hr ft FW/m C1.73070.5778
Thermal conductivityBTU in/hr ft^2 FW/m C0.14426.9340
Thermal conductivitycal/cm s CW/m C418.602.389E-03
Thermal conductivitycal/ft hr FW/m C6.867E-03145.62
Timesidereal years3.156E+073.169E-08
Torqueft lbfN m1.35570.7376
Torquein lbfN m0.11308.8504
Torquein ozfN m7.062E-03141.61
Viscosity - absolutecentiposeN s/m^21.000E-031000
Viscosity - absoluteg/cm sN s/m^20.100010
Viscosity - absolutelbf/ft^2 sN s/m^247.872.089E-02
Viscosity - absolutelbm/ft sN s/m^21.48810.6720
Viscosity - kinematiccentistokem^2/s1.000E-061.000E+06
Viscosity - kinematicft^2/secm^2/s9.294E-0210.7600
VolumeU.S. gallonsm^33.785E-03264.20
Volume flow rateft^3/minm^3/s4.719E-042119
Volume flow rateU.S. gallons/minm^3/s6.309E-051.585E+04

Material constants

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This table gives various material properties listed alphabetically. The units are SI.
ConductivityAcetyl0.2300W/m C
ConductivityAcrylic0.1400W/m C
ConductivityAluminum 2024-T3190.40W/m C
ConductivityAluminum 30030.4000W/m C
ConductivityAluminum 6061-T6155.80W/m C
ConductivityAluminum 7079-T6121.10W/m C
ConductivityBeryllium QMV147.10W/m C
ConductivityBorosilicate glass1.1300W/m C
ConductivityBorosilicate glass (Tempax)1.1300W/m C
ConductivityConcrete (sand & gravel)1.8000W/m C
ConductivityCopper - pure392.90W/m C
ConductivityDiamond550.00W/m C
ConductivityDouglas fir0.1100W/m C
ConductivityDow Corning 200 (350cSt)0.1590W/m C
ConductivityDow Corning 7390.1900W/m C
ConductivityDow Corning 93-5000.1500W/m C
ConductivityDow Corning Q3-66050.8400W/m C
ConductivityEpoxy (Epotek 353ND)0.0490W/m C
ConductivityEpoxy (Masterbond 11A0)1.4400W/m C
ConductivityGlass wool0.0400W/m C
ConductivityGold - pure297.70W/m C
ConductivityHelium2.7700W/m C
ConductivityIce2.2000W/m C
ConductivityIron83.50W/m C
ConductivityLead - pure37.04W/m C
ConductivityLimestone0.5000W/m C
ConductivityMagnesium HK31A-H24114.20W/m C
ConductivityMagnesium AZ31B-H2495.19W/m C
ConductivityMethane0.3030W/m C
ConductivityMolybdenum - wrought143.60W/m C
ConductivityNickel - pure91.73W/m C
ConductivityNitrogen0.1460W/m C
ConductivityNylon0.2400W/m C
ConductivityPlatinum69.23W/m C
ConductivityPolycarbonate0.2000W/m C
ConductivityPolypropylene0.4000W/m C
ConductivityPolystyrene foam0.3600W/m C
ConductivityPolyurethane foam0.0260W/m C
ConductivityPTFE0.2400W/m C
ConductivityQuartz1.3200W/m C
ConductivitySiC Alpha77.50W/m C
ConductivitySiC sintered KT80.00W/m C
ConductivitySilastic E0.1800W/m C
ConductivitySilastic L0.2800W/m C
ConductivitySilicone foam (Poron)0.0600W/m C
ConductivitySilver - pure417.10W/m C
ConductivitySnow (light)0.6000W/m C
ConductivitySnow (packed)2.2000W/m C
ConductivitySoil (coarse)0.5200W/m C
ConductivitySoil (dry w/stones)0.5200W/m C
ConductivitySoil (dry)0.2300W/m C
ConductivitySoil (w/42% water)1.1000W/m C
ConductivitySteel AISI 30416.27W/m C
ConductivitySteel AISI C102046.73W/m C
ConductivityTantalum53.65W/m C
ConductivityTitanium B 120VCA7.4420W/m C
ConductivityTungsten164.40W/m C
ConductivityWater0.6030W/m C
ConductivityWhite pine0.1100W/m C
DensityAir (2800 m)0.9800kg/m^3
DensityAir (STP)1.2930kg/m^3
DensityAluminum 2024-T32770kg/m^3
DensityAluminum 30032700kg/m^3
DensityAluminum 6061-T62700kg/m^3
DensityAluminum 7079-T62740kg/m^3
DensityAmmonia - liquid682.10kg/m^3
DensityArgon - liquid1390kg/m^3
DensityBeryllium QMV1850kg/m^3
DensityBorosilicate Ohara E62180kg/m^3
DensityBorosilicate Tempax2230kg/m^3
DensityCopper - pure8900kg/m^3
DensityDow Corning 200 (350cSt)968.00kg/m^3
DensityFused silica2200kg/m^3
DensityGlass wool64.00kg/m^3
DensityGold - pure1.932E+04kg/m^3
DensityHelium - liquid125.00kg/m^3
DensityHydrogen - liquid70.00kg/m^3
DensityLead - pure1.134E+04kg/m^3
DensityMagnesium AZ31B-H241770kg/m^3
DensityMagnesium HK31A-H241790kg/m^3
DensityMethane - liquid424.00kg/m^3
DensityMolybdenum - wrought1.030E+04kg/m^3
DensityNeon - liquid1200kg/m^3
DensityNickel - pure8900kg/m^3
DensityNitrogen - liquid804.00kg/m^3
DensitySiC Alpha2975kg/m^3
DensitySiC sintered KT2975kg/m^3
DensitySilver - pure1.050E+04kg/m^3
DensitySteel AISI 3048030kg/m^3
DensitySteel AISI C10207850kg/m^3
DensityTitanium B 120VCA4850kg/m^3
DensityWater (4 C)999.97kg/m^3
DensityWhite pine513.00kg/m^3
Elastic modulusAluminum 2024-T37.310E+10Pa
Elastic modulusAluminum 6061-T67.310E+10Pa
Elastic modulusAluminum 7079-T67.172E+10Pa
Elastic modulusBeryllium QMV2.897E+11Pa
Elastic modulusBorosilicate Ohara E65.743E+10Pa
Elastic modulusBorosilicate Tempax6.200E+10Pa
Elastic modulusCopper - pure1.172E+11Pa
Elastic modulusGold - pure7.448E+10Pa
Elastic modulusLead - pure1.379E+10Pa
Elastic modulusMagnesium AZ31B-H244.483E+10Pa
Elastic modulusMagnesium HK31A-H244.414E+10Pa
Elastic modulusMolybdenum - wrought2.759E+11Pa
Elastic modulusNickel - pure2.207E+11Pa
Elastic modulusPlatinum1.469E+11Pa
Elastic modulusSiC Alpha4.760E+11Pa
Elastic modulusSiC sintered KT3.320E+11Pa
Elastic modulusSilver - pure7.241E+10Pa
Elastic modulusSteel AISI 3041.931E+11Pa
Elastic modulusSteel AISI C10202.034E+11Pa
Elastic modulusTantalum1.862E+11Pa
Elastic modulusTitanium B 120VCA1.021E+11Pa
Elastic modulusTungsten3.448E+11Pa
Electrical resistivityAluminum 20174.000E-08ohm m
Electrical resistivityAluminum 30034.000E-08ohm m
Electrical resistivityAluminum 99.996%2.655E-08ohm m
Electrical resistivityCopper1.673E-08ohm m
Electrical resistivityNickel ASTM B1601.000E-07ohm m
Electrical resistivitySteel AISI 3047.200E-07ohm m
Electrical resistivitySteel AISI C10201.000E-07ohm m
Heat capacityAir1006J/kg C
Heat capacityAluminum 2024-T3963.00J/kg C
Heat capacityAluminum 6061-T6963.00J/kg C
Heat capacityAluminum 7079-T6963.00J/kg C
Heat capacityBeryllium QMV1884J/kg C
Heat capacityBorosilicate glass710.00J/kg C
Heat capacityConcrete1000J/kg C
Heat capacityCopper - pure385.00J/kg C
Heat capacityDow Corning 200 (350 cST)1465J/kg C
Heat capacityEthanol (25 C)2453J/kg C
Heat capacityGold - pure130.00J/kg C
Heat capacityIce2093J/kg C
Heat capacityIron440.00J/kg C
Heat capacityLead - pure130.00J/kg C
Heat capacityMagnesium AZ31B-H241047J/kg C
Heat capacityMagnesium HK31A-H24544.00J/kg C
Heat capacityMethanol (25 C)2547J/kg C
Heat capacityMolybdenum - wrought293.00J/kg C
Heat capacityNickel - pure461.00J/kg C
Heat capacityPlatinum130.00J/kg C
Heat capacitySiC Alpha1300J/kg C
Heat capacitySiC sintered KT1340J/kg C
Heat capacitySilica (0 C)937.00J/kg C
Heat capacitySilver - pure235.00J/kg C
Heat capacitySteel AISI 304503.00J/kg C
Heat capacitySteel AISI C1020419.00J/kg C
Heat capacityTantalum126.00J/kg C
Heat capacityTitanium B 120VCA544.00J/kg C
Heat capacityTungsten138.00J/kg C
Heat capacityWater4216J/kg C
Heat of combustionMethane55.70MJ/kg
Heat of combustionOctane47.70MJ/kg
Heat of fusionNitrogen25.50kJ/kg
Heat of fusionWater334.00kJ/kg
Heat of vaporizationAmmonia1368kJ/kg
Heat of vaporizationArgon162.76kJ/kg
Heat of vaporizationHelium23.93kJ/kg
Heat of vaporizationHydrogen451.90kJ/kg
Heat of vaporizationMethane577.40kJ/kg
Heat of vaporizationNeon87.03kJ/kg
Heat of vaporizationNitrogen199.20kJ/kg
Heat of vaporizationWater (100 C)2258kJ/kg
Heat transfer coef.Air v = 0 m/s5.6000W/ C m^2
Heat transfer coef.Air v = 3.4 m/s18.90W/ C m^2
Heat transfer coef.Air v = 6.7 m/s38.00W/ C m^2
Kinematic viscosityAir (101 kPa)1.800E-05m^2/s
Kinematic viscosityDow Corning 200 (350cSt)1.121E-07m^2/s
Kinematic viscosityWater (0 C)1.753E-06m^2/s
Poisson's ratioAluminum 2024-T30.3300
Poisson's ratioAluminum 6061-T60.3300
Poisson's ratioAluminum 7079-&60.3300
Poisson's ratioBeryllium QMV0.0300
Poisson's ratioBorosilicate Ohara E60.1950
Poisson's ratioBorosilicate Tempax0.2200
Poisson's ratioCopper - pure
Poisson's ratioGold - pure0.4200
Poisson's ratioLead - pure0.4200
Poisson's ratioMagnesium AZ31B-H240.3500
Poisson's ratioMagnesium HK31A-H240.3500
Poisson's ratioMolybdenum - wrought0.3200
Poisson's ratioNickel - pure
Poisson's ratioPlatinum0.3900
Poisson's ratioSilver - pure0.3700
Poisson's ratioSteel AISI 3040.2900
Poisson's ratioSteel AISI C10200.2900
Poisson's ratioTantalum0.3500
Poisson's ratioTitanium B 120VCA0.3000
Poisson's ratioTungsten0.2800
Thermal expansion coefficientAluminum 2024-T322.68microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientAluminum 6061-T624.30microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientAluminum 7079-T624.66microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientBeryllium QMV14.94microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientBorosilicate E6 -30 to +70C2.8000microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientCopper - pure16.56microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientGold - pure4.39microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientLead - pure52.74microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientMagnesium AZ31V-H2426.10microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientMagnesium HK31A-H2425.20microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientMolybvdenum - wrought5.4000microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientNickel - pure12.96microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientPlatinum9.0000microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientSiC Alpha4.0000microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientSiC sintered KT5.0000microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientSilver - pure19.80microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientSteel AISI 30417.82microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientSteel AISI C102011.34microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientTantalum6.4800microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientTitanium B 120VCA9.3600microns/m C
Thermal expansion coefficientTungsten4.5000microns/m C
ViscosityAir (0 C,101 kPa)1.708E-05N s/m^2
ViscosityCarbon dioxide (0 C,101 kPa)1.390E-05N s/m^2
ViscosityHelium (0 C,101 kPa)1.860E-05N s/m^2
ViscosityHydrogen (0 C,101 kPa)8.345E-06N s/m^2
ViscosityMethane (0 C,101 kPa)1.026E-05N s/m^2
ViscosityNitrogen (0 C,101 kPa)1.660E-05N s/m^2
ViscosityOxygen (0 C,101 kPa)1.919E-05N s/m^2
ViscosityBenzene (0 C)9.121E-04N s/m^2
ViscosityCarbon tetrachloride (0 C)1.346E-03N s/m^2
ViscosityGlycerin (0 C)12.07N s/m^2
ViscosityKerosene (0 C)2.959E-03N s/m^2
ViscosityMercury (0 C)1.685E-03N s/m^2
ViscosityOil - light machine (0 C)0.3534N s/m^2
ViscosityWater (0 C)1.753E-03N s/m^2

Date created: 9/26/95
Last modified: 04/05/98
Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Walter A. Siegmund
Walter A. Siegmund

Physical constants

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This is a short list of physical constants in SI units.

Avogadro's numberN6.02E+23mole^-1
Boltzmann constantk1.381E-23J/ K
Electric chargee1.602E-19coul
Gas constantR8.3145J/ K mole
GravitationG6.672E-11N m^2/kg^2
Plank's h6.626E-34J s
Plank's hc1.986E-25J m
Plank's hc/k1.439E-02m C
Radiation constanthc^25.955E-17W m^2
Speed of lightc2.998E+08m/s
Stefan-Boltzmann sigma5.6705E-08W/m^2 K^4

Astronomical constants

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This is a short list of astronomical constants in SI units.

AccelerationSea level9.8067m/s^2
PressureSea level1.013E+05Pa
VelocityEarth's orbital2.978E+04m/s

NIST Table of Fundamental Physical Constants

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This data is derived from the 1986 CODATA recommended values of the fundamental physical constants. It is not intended to be an authoritative source: typographical errors are possible and the data has been reformatted. You can find the more complete information from the NIST at
1Speed of light in vacuum (c) 299792458m s-1
2Permeability of vacuum (mu_0) 1.25663706143592e-06N A-2
3Permittivity of vacuum (epsilon_0) 8.854187817e-12F m-1
4Newtonian constant of gravitation (G) 6.67259e-11 ± 8.5e-15m3 kg-1 s-2
5Planck constant (h) 6.6260755e-34 ± 4.0e-40J s
6Planck constant in eV  4.1356692e-15 ± 1.2e-21eV s
7h-bar (h-bar) 1.05457266e-34 ± 6.3e-41J s
8h-bar in eV  6.582122e-16 ± 2.0e-22eV s
9Planck mass (m_p) 2.17671e-08 ± 1.4e-12kg
10Planck length (l_p) 1.61605e-35 ± 1.0e-39m
11Planck time (t_p) 5.39056e-44 ± 3.4e-48s
12Elementary charge (e) 1.60217733e-19 ± 4.9e-26C
13Magnetic flux quantum (Phi_0) 2.06783461e-15 ± 6.1e-22Wb
14Josephson frequency-voltage quotient  483597670000000 ± 1.4e+08V-1 s-1
15Quantized Hall conductance  3.87404614e-05 ± 1.7e-12Omega-1
16Quantized Hall resistance (R_H) 25812.8056 ± 0.0012Omega
17Bohr magneton (mu_B) 9.2740154e-24 ± 3.1e-30J T-1
18Bohr magneton in eV  5.78838263e-05 ± 5.2e-12eV T-1
19Bohr magneton in Hz  13996241800 ± 4200T-1 s-1
20Bohr magneton in wavenumbers  46.686437 ± 1.4e-05m-1 T-1
21Bohr magneton in kelvins  0.6717099 ± 5.7e-06K T-1
22Nuclear magneton (mu_N) 5.0507866e-27 ± 1.7e-33J T-1
23Nuclear magneton in eV  3.15245166e-08 ± 2.8e-15eV T-1
24Nuclear magneton in Hz  7622591.4 ± 2.3T-1 s-1
25Nuclear magneton in wavenumbers  0.0254262281 ± 7.7e-09m-1 T-1
26Nuclear magneton in kelvins  0.0003658246 ± 3.1e-09K T-1
27Fine structure constant (alpha) 0.00729735308 ± 3.3e-10 
28Inverse fine structure constant  137.0359895 ± 6.1e-06 
29Rydberg constant (Ry) 10973731.534 ± 0.013m-1
30Rydberg constant in Hz  3.2898419499e+15 ± 3.9e+06s-1
31Rydberg constant in joules  2.1798741e-18 ± 1.3e-24J
32Rydberg constant in eV  13.6056981 ± 4.0e-06eV
33Bohr radius (a_0) 5.29177249e-11 ± 2.4e-18m
34Hartree energy (E_h) 4.3597482e-18 ± 2.6e-24J
35Hartree energy in eV  27.2113961 ± 8.1e-06eV
36Quantum of circulation  0.000363694807 ± 3.3e-11m2 s-1
37Electron mass (m_e) 9.1093897e-31 ± 5.4e-37kg
38Electron mass in u  0.000548579903 ± 1.3e-11u
39Electron mass in eV  510999.06 ± 0.15eV
40Electron-muon mass ratio  0.00483633218 ± 7.1e-10 
41Electron-proton mass ratio  0.000544617013 ± 1.1e-11 
42Electron-deuteron mass ratio  0.000272443707 ± 6e-12 
43Electron-alpha-particle mass ratio  0.000137093354 ± 3e-12 
44Electron specific charge  -175881962000 ± -53000C kg-1
45Electron molar mass  5.48579903e-07 ± 1.3e-14kg mol-1
46Electron Compton wavelength (lambda_C) 2.42631058e-12 ± 2.2e-19m
47Electron Compton wavelength over 2 pi (lambda-bar_C)3.86159323e-13 ± 3.5e-20m
48Electron classical radius (r_e) 2.81794092e-15 ± 3.8e-22m
49Electron Thomson cross section (sigma_e) 6.6524616e-29 ± 1.8e-35m2
50Electron magnetic moment  9.2847701e-24 ± 3.1e-30J T-1
51Electron magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons 1.001159652193 ± 1.0e-11 
52Electron magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons 1838.282 ± 3.7e-05 
53Electron magnetic moment anomaly (a_e) 0.001159652193 ± 1.0e-11 
54Electron g-factor (g_e) 2.002319304386 ± 2.0e-11 
55Electron-muon magnetic moment ratio  206.766967 ± 3.0e-05 
56Electron-proton magnetic moment ratio  658.2106881 ± 6.6e-06 
57Muon mass  1.8835327e-28 ± 1.1e-34kg
58Muon mass in u  0.113428913 ± 1.7e-08u
59Muon mass in eV  105658389 ± 34eV
60Muon-electron mass ratio  206.768262 ± 3.0e-05 
61Muon molar mass  0.000113428913 ± 1.7e-11kg mol-1
62Muon magnetic moment  4.4904514e-26 ± 1.5e-32J T-1
63Muon magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons  0.00484197097 ± 7.1e-10 
64Muon magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons 8.8905981 ± 1.3e-06 
65Muon magnetic moment anomaly (a_mu) 0.001165923 ± 8.4e-09 
66Muon g-factor (g_mu) 2.002331846 ± 1.7e-08 
67Muon-proton magnetic moment ratio  3.18334547 ± 4.7e-07 
68Proton mass (m_p) 1.6726231e-27 ± 1.0e-33kg
69Proton mass in u  1.00727647 ± 1.2e-08u
70Proton mass in eV  938272310 ± 280eV
71Proton-electron mass ratio  1836.152701 ± 3.7e-05 
72Proton-muon mass ratio  8.8802444 ± 1.3e-06 
73Proton specific charge  95788309 ± 29C kg-1
74Proton molar mass  0.00100727647 ± 1.2e-11kg mol-1
75Proton Compton wavelength (lambda_C,p)1.32141002e-15 ± 1.2e-22m
76Proton magnetic moment  1.41060761e-26 ± 4.7e-33J T-1
77Proton magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons 0.001521032202 ± 1.5e-11 
78Proton magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons 2.792847386 ± 6.3e-08 
79Diamagnetic shielding correction for protons (H_2 O, spherical sample, 298.15 K)(sigma_H2O) 2.5689e-05 ± 1.5e-08 
80Shielded proton moment (H_2 O, spherical sample, 298.15 K)(mu_p') 1.41057138e-26 ± 4.7e-33J T-1
81Shielded proton moment in Bohr magnetons 0.001520993129 ± 1.7e-11 
82Shielded proton moment in nuclear magnetons 2.792775642 ± 6.4e-08 
83Proton gyromagnetic ratio (gamma_p) 267522128 ± 81T-1 s-1
84 (gamma_p) 42577469 ± 13T-1 s-1
85Proton gyromagnetic ratio, uncorrected (H_2 O, spherical sample, 298.15 K)(gamma_p') 267515255 ± 81T-1 s-1
86 (gamma_p'/2pi)42576375 ± 13T-1 s-1
87Neutron mass (m_n) 1.6749286e-27 ± 1.0e-33kg
88Neutron mass in u  1.008664904 ± 1.4e-08u
89Neutron mass in eV  939565630 ± 280eV
90Neutron-electron mass ratio  1838.683662 ± 4.0e-05 
91Neutron-proton mass ratio  1.001378404 ± 9e-09 
92Neutron molar mass  0.001008664904 ± 1.4e-11kg mol-1
93Neutron Compton wavelength (lambda_C,n)1.3195911e-15 ± 1.2e-22m
94Neutron magnetic moment  9.6623707e-27 ± 4.0e-33J T-1
95Neutron magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons 0.00104187563 ± 2.5e-10 
96Neutron magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons 1.91304275 ± 4.5e-07 
97Neutron-electron magnetic moment ratio  0.00104066882 ± 2.5e-10 
98Neutron-proton magnetic moment ratio  0.68497934 ± 1.6e-07 
99Deuteron mass (m_d) 3.343586e-27 ± 2.0e-33kg
100Deuteron mass in u  2.013553214 ± 2.4e-08u
101Deuteron mass in eV  1875613390 ± 570eV
102Deuteron-electron mass ratio  3670.483014 ± 7.5e-05 
103Deuteron-proton mass ratio  1.999007496 ± 6e-09 
104Deuteron molar mass  0.002013553214 ± 2.4e-11kg mol-1
105Deuteron magnetic moment (mu_d) 4.3307375e-27 ± 1.5e-33J T-1
106Deuteron magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons 0.0004669754479 ± 9.1e-12 
107Deuteron magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons 0.85743823 ± 2.4e-08 
108Deuteron-electron magnetic moment ratio  0.000466434546 ± 9.1e-12 
109Deuteron-proton magnetic moment ratio  0.3070122035 ± 5.1e-09 
110Avagadro constant (N_A) 6.0221367e+23 ± 3.6e+17mol-1
111Atomic mass constant (m_u) 1.6605402e-27 ± 1.0e-33kg
112Atomic mass constant in eV  931494320 ± 280eV
113Faraday constant (F) 96485.309 ± 0.029C mol-1
114Molar Planck constant  3.99031323e-10 ± 3.6e-17J s mol-1
115 (N_A hc) 0.11962658 ± 1.1e-07J m mol-1
116Molar gas constant (R) 8.31451 ± 7.0e-05J mol-1 K-1
117Boltzmann constant (k) 1.380658e-23 ± 1.2e-28J K-1
118Boltzmann constant in eV  8.617385e-05 ± 7.3e-10eV K-1
119Boltzmann constant in Hz  20836740000 ± 180000K-1 s-1
120Boltzmann constant in wavenumbers  69.50387 ± 0.00059m-1 K-1
121Molar volume (ideal gas), STP (V_m) 0.0224141 ± 1.9e-07m3 mol-1
122Loschmidt constant (n_0) 2.686763e+25 ± 2.3e+20m-3
123Stefan-Boltzmann constant (sigma) 5.67051e-08 ± 1.9e-12W m-2 K-4
124First radiation constant (c_1) 3.7417749e-16 ± 2.2e-22W m2
125Second radiation constant (c_2) 0.01438769 ± 1.2e-07m K
126Wien displacement law constant (b) 0.002897756 ± 2.4e-08m K
127Electron volt (eV) 1.60217733e-19 ± 4.9e-26J
128Atomic mass unit (u) 1.6605402e-27 ± 1.0e-33kg
129Standard atmosphere (atm) 101325Pa
130Standard acceleration of gravity (g_n) 9.80665m s-2
131BIPM-maintained ohm, Omega_69-B1 as of 1 Jan 85(Omega_B185)1-1.563e-6 ± 5.0e-08Omega
132Drift rate of Omega_69-B1 (dOmega_69-B1/dt)-0.0566 ± -0.0015muOmega/yr
133BIPM-maintained volt 483 694 GHz(h/2e) (V_76-B1) 1-7.59e-6 ± 3.0e-07V
134BIPM maintained ampere A_BIPM (A_B185) 1-6.03e-6 ± 3.0e-07A
135Cu x-unit: (xu(CuKalpha1))1.00207789e-13 ± 7.0e-20m
136Mo x-unit: (xu(MoKalpha1))1.00209938e-13 ± 4.5e-20m
137AA *: (AAngstrom-star)1.00001481e-10 ± 9.2e-17m
138Lattice spacing of Si (in vacuum, 295.65 K)(a) 5.4310196e-10 ± 1.1e-16m
139Lattice spacing Si (220) plane (d_220) 1.9201554e-10 ± 4.0e-17m
140Molar volume of Si (V_m(Si)) 1.20588179e-05 ± 8.9e-12m3 mol-1
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